Your Health You’re in Control

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on April 29, 2017

WHAT is self-care?

Basically, it’s anything you do for yourself with the intention of improving or restoring your well-being.

For all of us self-care might include:

• Reduction of stress and/or anxiety
• Daily practice of the relaxation response
• Regular mild to moderate physical activity
• Nutrient-rich meals
• Adequate high-quality sleep
• Good Supplements
• Essential Oil education and use
• Making your health a priority!!!
• Surrounding yourself with supportive people
• Educating yourself
• One Example of Stress

When stress hits the adrenal glands jump into action by putting you into fight-or-flight mode. The glands release adrenaline to increase your heart rate, blood pressure, rate f breathing, and secrete other hormones that instruct digestive system and other “non-vitalsystems to temporarily stop functioning.
So if you suffer from Gastroparesis, stress directly will impact your digestive system!!

By directing all available blood flow to your muscles at the same time, your body prepares itself to either attack (fight) or to run away from (flee) the perceived threat or challenge.

Pesticides have widely acknowledged, proven side effects. Food additives that we and our children take in by the spoonful with each fast food meal, processed packaged food, and beverage have proven side effects. Ugly ones.

It’s true that we can’t eliminate it all overnight. They are daily choices and changes. Over time, you feel so grateful for knowledge and understanding like what Gary of Young Living shares, what the Father teaches you about His creation, and the health and life to your body that His ways bring, that your perceptions of what will satisfy you begin to change. It is not the same for every person! But with inferior fuel comes inferior performance and fuzzy thinking. That foggy thinking easily leads us into forming habits around survival, just being able to get out of bed in the morning, making it through, emotionally hanging on, and crashing. The decisions we make from that place yield more and more poor habits. It’s time to change the way we think and learn to understand the choices we have and make and how they will affect our life and our families!!
Food changes, Cleaning without Chemicals and using Clean No Chemical Personal Care

Your Health You’re in Control

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