Grace’s story after 4 years of a Young Living Journey

I was living in 24/7 Chronic pain!

And my Gastroparesis (you can not eat) daughter was needing me, she was suffering & raising 3 young boys, they spent once a month in the doctor’s office for many reasons.

I wasn’t able to really help & be the grandma, wife or mom I used to be😰

Now I am grateful for every day and I live with a metal rod in my back & replaced shoulders😳.

I have one thing to share with you: what we put on and in our bodies absolutely affects us long term.

Fast forward that first year, I also learned the meaning and importance of CHEMICAL FREE products!!!

My life was a horror, but the worst was when I began to lose my own self, and could not help myself or my family

My husband said he no longer recognized my personality, and I could not even form full sentences, or finish a task😰

It was then that I checked myself into a hospital and began drug detox and rehab. Let me tell you, it was not pretty.

But as my mind cleared, I knew that I had been saved for a purpose. 🌹🙏🙏
A calling to tell others my story, and help them see that staying healthy in the beginning can save so much misery in the end.

Praise God, my good friend told me about young living oils.

I didn’t know back then how clicking the button to purchase a Premium Starter Kit would change not only my life but my girls & grand children’s🙏🌹
I needed support options that would not be addictive, so essential oils have been a perfect way to support my body systems.

THEN I discovered ways to support my Gastroparesis daughter and the grandsons😊 it has been a blessing to not be in urgent care monthly….. actually during this time Allison with Gastroparesis delivered her 4th son 4 years ago, and to date he hasn’t yet been on sick meds or antibiotics 🤷‍♀️😳

To support my musculo-skeletal system:
I rub PanAway, with many other available anti inflammatory support products, OrthoEase, & OrthoSport, on my joints
I take MegaCal,BLM, Agilease and OmegaGize daily for nutritional bolstering.

For my immunity, eyes & inflammation support systems:
I drink 4 oz of Ningxia Red berry juice daily.

To support restful sleep:
I take SleepEssence and a chewable ImmuPro or RUTAVALA or Vetiver (so many helpful products before retiring and diffuse lavender and cedarwood oils in my bedroom.

To enjoy life and live with gratitude and happiness every day:
I wear Joy or Stress Away or Valor essential oil blends on my neck, ears, or chest & spine.

I can not undo a lifetime of stresses on my body, but I am passionate about helping others avoid them.
Here’s a 5 minute clip where we caught Allison sharing WHY!!

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