Osteoporosis is standing at the door and the medications may make it even worse!

I want to share how to keep your bones healthy, you may believe this is something that can wait until you’re old but that is not the truth. I now know that this needs to be something we are aware of from a young age, but at least by age 30 you will have to stay nutritionally healthy for bone strength. Part of my Farm Fresh Living is because I was not told about bone health until at age 46, I already had severe osteoporosis and unfortunately the scan used did not show this and when it was diagnosed the medications used actually make your bones more brittle.

At Farm Fresh Healthy Living I do eat healthy clean foods, and some of the nutrients needed for strong bones can be complemented with good Pure Supplements, especially the Young Living one’s that are made to help your body with bone health using minerals, supplements, and natural hormone therapy,  as provided in, Progessence Plus, Mineral Essence, SuperCal, BLM and OmegaGize.

What Your Immune System Has To Do With Your Bone Health

Many things that nourish your bones also enhance your immune system. For example, several Foundation Foods have nutrients that do “double duty” as bone-builders and immunity-builders. Conversely, some practices, such as the flu shot, can actually harm your bones, your overall health, and add to your body’s toxic burden, all under the guise of immune protection.

When you build up your body’s own defenses, it’s like putting on a suit of armor against illness. That’s why I want to share these three tips for building that protective “suit,” starting with a surprising connection between social behavior and immunity.  Copied from Saving our Bones.®

Young Living and your Immunity

So to make sure my Immunity is at its best I use Young Living Supplements. I use many Young Living supplements that meet the needs of strengthening and building strong bones in a natural, Farm Fresh Healthy Lifestyle.

Ningxia Red and ImmuPro and Inner Defense, along with a healthy diet, some exercise and rest can keep your immune system running better to keep you healthy and your bones.

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